Press- Heren- February 2013

Heren Magazine of Korea explores high society culture and luxury trends in their magazine. Here at Mark / Giusti, we consider our handmade Italian leather products as works of luxury art, which is why we are happy to be featured in Korea’s Heren Magazine. The passion for superior quality products and handmade craftsmanship is what ties Mark / Giusti and the Heren together.

Heren magazine featured the "Milano" Leather Briefcase and an array of small leather accessories in their February 2013 issue. The “Milano” Leather Briefcase is a perfect business bag for any high society businessman or woman. The buckle detail is an added touch to the classic structured business bag. The interior detailing includes a document divider and small pockets for other business essentials. The “Milano” also includes a separate cable case to keep all of the cords untangled during travel. Some of our small leather accessories include a product range of cardholders, wallets, document covers, and laptop covers. Superior quality and functionality is what we at Mark / Giusti pays very close attention to, no matter the size of the product. Our small luxury leather accessories are well thought out to ease the lives of our consumers and keep organized.

Our attention to detail could be seen in the sateen lining of every single Mark / Giusti product. Depending on the collection, each features a mosaic pattern borrowed from the ancient Byzantine basilicas found throughout Italy. Each collection has a different inspiration and tells a different story about our brand. It’s the small things in life that make all the difference at Mark / Giusti.

For more information about the “MILANO” Leather Briefcase and the other small accessories that we have to offer at Mark / Giusti please visit our online boutique.
ured in the MUST HAVE section for Heren Korea Magazine - February 2013.

Mark Giusti

Mark Giusti