Mark Giusti


GIUSTI (Lustis in Latin) symbolises justice, righteousness, perfectly balanced or just right. The House of Giusti is a descendant of noble families of dukes and counts who can be traced back to 1571 within the region of Colle Val D'Elsa in Tuscany, Italy, not far from where MARK / GIUSTI handbags are handcrafted today.

Established in 2009, MARK / GIUSTI is a brand that does not compromise its values and strives to do better. It is one of the first to dedicate its designs and efforts to preserving Mosaic heritage art and the story of its origins. We take pride in supporting the artisans behind each piece and recognise their talents. We believe everyone must make a difference in this world, so we are committed to giving back to the environment and the community. We stand for justice and equality by celebrating all cultures' uniqueness and rich diversity.

Travel-inspired bags and accessories are handcrafted from the finest materials with the utmost care and attention paid to every detail. Minimal aesthetics and elegant allure meet a taste for material combos in a timeless collection that is perfectly balanced uniting heritage, innovation, craftsmanship and sustainability.
Mark Giusti


The ancient mosaic masterpieces are what inspire our patterns. Internally, a passion for geometrics is inspired by the most famous Roman and Byzantine Mosaics on a journey from ancient Constantinople, via Venice to Ravenna through Rome and then back to London to the intricate floor pavement of Westminster Abbey on which no less than 38 kings and queens have been crowned.

My goal is to revive historic mosaics, particularly cosmati mosaics, through outstanding craftsmanship, ethical practices, innovative design, contemporary functionality, and the finest material.

This meticulous work of art should never be forgotten, nor does the story of all who created it. Just as the historical monuments have beautiful mosaics for their floors and entryways, MARK / GIUSTI travel-inspired collections display this art via the interior or the front detail of bags and accessories. In addition, each piece comes with a little card that tells the story of the mosaic pattern and its location so that everyone can connect and be part of this beautiful art.
Mark Giusti


Awaken your senses with the soul-stirring geometric mosaic tessellation, another brand's signature aspect. It is revealed by the finely embossed and debossed mosaic leather that depicts a similar textured feeling you get when passing your hand over the cosmati mosaic treasures.

The main inspiration is taken from the London Calling collection, particularly from the floors of Westminster Abbey. The design focuses on the geometric squares and triangles evident in most Cosmati mosaic masterpieces, reflecting our dedication and commitment to bringing back to life mosaic artwork.

The signature mosaic leather is designed and developed exclusively for the brand. All colours are dip-dyed to match our mosaic patterns and include core ones such as the London Grey, Windsor Green, Thames Blue, Port Red and Midnight Navy.
Mark Giusti


When I launched MARK / GIUSTI in 2009, I noticed many brands were moving their production overseas to lower costs and increase profits. Unfortunately, this has left hundreds of artisanal craftsmen with generations of experience and talent out of business. I felt very passionate about preserving this Italian heritage, and I have decided to support the industry and the artisans behind each piece, learn from their experience, and eventually train future generations on how to continue this outstanding bag crafting skill.

We work with 4th generation artisans and produce all the materials, leather and components such hand carved zip pullers, dust bags and packaging boxes in Italy, emphasizing our dedication to the survival of Italian craftsmanship and localizing production.

For me, the design is only a small part of the final product, but there is a chain of very talented people behind this process that brings the final pieces to life. It is about how it is made and the story of the people that made it. Without any of them, there is no craftsmanship or story. It is like a link: you remove one, and the rest falls apart.
Mark Giusti


The asymmetric forward / design has been an iconic detail for the brand and its products since it was established in 2009. It complements the perfectly balanced symmetrical tesselation of the cosmati mosaic patterns and highlights our passion for geometry and architecture, visible through our clean-cut designs and sharp details. Asymmetry and symmetry coexist in natural and human processes. Both are evident contributors to beauty, a significant component of our emotional life and art. Both art and life also involve creative processes that transform simple forms to generate complexity, just like the Cosmati mosaic creations.

I see it as that subtle final touch that creates harmony and balance for our handcrafted pieces, just like the yin /yang or MARK / GIUSTI. One can not exist without the other. This iconic / detail can be seen on card pockets, front flaps and handle straps. It has become a symbol of the MARK / GIUSTI brand. After all, we believe that luxury is in the details.