Mark Giusti


As a Son of a Diplomat, I travelled a lot with my father and lived in different countries. So, travel became part of my DNA, giving me a sense of great adventure that triggered my curiosity and widened my imagination.

I have loved fashion for as long as I remember and have always been influenced by my family, who loved to express their sense of style. I remember my Grandmother told me stories of how they used to grow silk and then eventually sell it together with the most delicate fabrics in my grandfather's fabric shop in downtown Beirut.

My father was always impeccably dressed. He used to take me with him to show me the different types of fabrics before choosing one for his personally tailored suits. He always wore various hats, especially a Stetson and still carries with him until now a bag to go around town. My sense of style was born then.

My mother radiated timeless beauty, elegance, and finesse in everything she wore. Her love for timeless handbags and beautifully crafted shoes cannot go unnoticed.

On the other hand, my sister had it all – the understated elegance and beauty with a touch of colour and edge to her style. She influenced my passion for bags, colourful tones and the contrast detail later evident in my work. She is my greatest advocate. Our parents always told us, "Well-crafted pieces speak for themselves"
Mark Giusti


My father, a collector of art and mosaics, influenced my childhood. I was fascinated by these little stones you put next to each other, and you have this beautiful big masterpiece. Mosaics became my passion.

I grew up following him to antique fairs and auctions, watching him examine these beautiful pieces of history as he explained to me the origin of each one. We had so many excellent books on Roman and Byzantine mosaics, and I grew up loving those beautiful patterns. The more I travelled, the more I wanted to see the mosaic wall decorations, paintings and marble floors in monuments and the medieval houses I used to see in my father's books as a child. I somehow wanted to bring these forgotten designs back to life and tell their story and the story of their artisans.
Mark Giusti


In 2001, I graduated with a BA in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut. I then moved back to London in 2003, where I acquired an MA in Marketing Management with a focus on the consumer behaviour of luxury brands from the University of Westminster. After graduation, I was employed by Capelli NY, based in New York, where I became responsible for designing and developing men's accessories in the UK. I later pursued my enthusiasm for fashion accessories in Milan, where I attended Instituto di Moda Burgo and trained at top brands like Costume National and Armani.

In 2009, I finally decided to pursue my long-lived dream of patterns, mosaics art and beautifully crafted travel-inspired bags and accessories, so I established MARK / GIUSTI. For me, it is a perfect union: my love of mosaics and my love for beautifully crafted travel-inspired bags and accessories.

I initially started to tailor to a very exclusive clientele by creating bespoke designs and collections for private VIP customers and families who requested beautifully crafted pieces that are not available in the mainstream market, which is much more logo driven. Due to the increased demand, I started the brand's international expansion in 2012 by participating in international showcases and fashion weeks. Luxury Boutiques and department stores such as the Conran Stores, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Isetan and Luisa Via Roma, to name a few, across the US, UK, Asia, and Europe quickly spotted the brand, and it was stocked in 17 international countries.
Mark Giusti


In 2013, I was humbly nominated for the "Best New Accessories Brand" by the UK Fashion and Textile Association and the "Best New Accessories Designer" by Drapers Magazine.

In 2018, I was appointed Head of Footwear and Accessories for Victoria Beckham and Self-Portrait in London. Additionally, I currently lecture at Istituto Marangoni in Milan as I have always loved sharing my expertise and mentoring the new generation as they are our future.

I believe that the most significant award I could ever get is using my platform to make an impactful change and make a difference in the community, the environment, and the planet.