Mark Giusti


Embracing limitless possibilities, we hold the belief that each individual bears a responsibility to drive positive change in our world. From the very inception of MARK / GIUSTI in 2009, I've been resolute in approaching things uniquely yet conscientiously, establishing unwavering standards and principles. This forms the essence of our pledge:

1- "LOVE ABUNDANCE" Initiative: We embark on the "LOVE ABUNDANCE" journey, intertwining our efforts with communities and nature. Through this initiative, we amplify awareness of mental health, foster equality, and champion inclusivity.

2- Italian Artisan Industry Support: Our dedication extends to preserving the timeless artistry of Italian craftsmanship, particularly in our exquisite bag creations. Not only do we nurture this heritage skill within our generation, but we also ensure it flourishes among generations to come.

3- Mosaic Heritage Art Preservation: We stand as stewards of mosaic heritage art, safeguarding its legacy and honouring its cultural significance.

4- Recycled Packaging by 2024: By 2024, our packaging will be exclusively sourced from recycled materials. This resolute step underscores our commitment to reducing waste and embracing circular practices.

5- Advancing Sustainable Materials and Practices: Our journey towards sustainability propels us to continuously explore eco-conscious materials and operational approaches. With each discovery, we forge a path towards a greener future.

6- Empowering Product Longevity: Empowering our customers with the knowledge to extend the life of their possessions stands as a cornerstone of our service. Repair, reuse, and recycling options empower sustainability at every touchpoint.

7- Transitioning to 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather by 2024: As a step towards minimising our environmental footprint, we are dedicated to embracing 100% vegetable tanned leather by 2024. This choice reflects our commitment to responsible sourcing and reduced environmental impact.

8- Carbon-Neutral Shipping Partnership: We have joined forces with our shipping suppliers to offset every carbon footprint generated through shipping. This partnership ensures that our product journeys remain carbon-neutral, aligning with our holistic approach to sustainability.

Our promise is unwavering – a promise to continually push boundaries and evolve, inspired by our planet, driven by our environment, and enriched by global communities. Through these endeavors, we hold fast to our duty, ever committed to a brighter, sustainable world.
Mark Giusti


"We rise by lifting others". The LOVE ABUNDANCE initiative stands as a symphony of actions, campaigns, and aspirations, all aimed at nurturing our community and environment, igniting a beacon for mental wellness, and forging pathways to parity and unity.

1- Empowering Charity Collaborations: Each year, we stand tall in collaboration with chosen charitable partners, orchestrating a harmonious series of endeavours. These endeavors are not only a conduit for raising essential funds but also a testament to our commitment to galvanizing awareness around pressing issues. Past partnerships have seen us intertwine our efforts with Terrence Higgins Trust, Build Africa, and The Brain Tumour Charity, echoing our dedication to impacting lives.

2- Shining Light on Mental Well-being: Our commitment to mental health radiates throughout the year, as we host an array of events that envelop those in need with compassion. Through these efforts, we cast light on mental health challenges, fostering a resilient community where support flows freely.

3- Sculpting an Inclusive Culture: Every brand's essence thrives within its diverse tapestry of talent, a rich mosaic that defines its distinctiveness. We not only pledge to cultivate an inclusive internal culture but also to illuminate the path toward a world more equitable and harmonious. The "Spread Love" initiative is our clarion call, beckoning forth a series of internal endeavors. We gather around the table for DEI-focused lunch and learn sessions, traverse the terrain of a diversity calendar, and rally through campaigns that address and uplift these noble ideals.

With OPEN HEARTS and BOUNTIFUL SPIRITS, let us channel this ABUNDANCE of LOVE and KINDNESS into the world. Together, we weave a tapestry of compassion, enlivening every corner we touch.
Mark Giusti


When I launched MARK / GIUSTI in 2009, I noticed many brands were moving their production overseas to lower costs and increase profits. Unfortunately, this has left hundreds of artisanal craftsmen with generations of experience and talent out of business. I felt very passionate about protecting this Italian heritage, so I have decided to support the industry and the artisans behind each piece, learn from their experience, and eventually train future generations on how to continue this outstanding bag crafting skill.

We work with 4th generation artisans and produce all the materials, leather and components such hand carved zip pullers, dust bags and packaging boxes in Italy. In 2020, we decided to close our London offices and relaunch MARK / GIUSTI in Italy, emphasising our dedication to the survival of Italian craftsmanship, reducing carbon emissions caused by travel and shipping and eventually localising production.

For me, the design is only a small part of the final product, but there is a chain of very talented people behind this process that brings the final pieces to life. It is about how it is made and the story of the people that made it. It is about the community, the environment, the culture, our values and ethical [practice], the detail, the craftsmanship, the story of the mosaics and the Cosmati family. Without any of them, there is no craftsmanship or story. It is like a link: you remove one, and the rest falls apart.
Mark Giusti


At MARK / GIUSTI, our commitment to sustainability finds its embodiment in our resolute 100% No Waste policy. We meticulously calculate each production run to eliminate any excess or surplus, ensuring that no piece goes to waste. Our dedication to waste reduction permeates every step of our process. Even the smallest cuttings and remnants find purpose - they are artfully repurposed within the interior of accessories like credit card holders and wallets, or they find new life through donation to local apprentice schools. And for any packaging materials that can't be repurposed, rest assured, they undergo thorough recycling.

When it comes to our leathers, we tread the path of mindful sourcing. Our leathers emerge as by-products of the food industry, rescuing them from the brink of waste. We've taken a definitive stance against exotic leathers, opting for a responsible approach. All our leather stems from European sources, ensuring that no contribution is made to regions vulnerable to deforestation, like Brazil. Our tanneries bear the esteemed certification of the Leather Working Group, with the majority attaining Gold or Silver ratings. This acknowledgment is a testament to their unwavering commitment to advanced sustainability, traceability, and ethical practices.

Our promise echoes through our approach to mosaic design patterns. We pledge that no new patterns will be introduced to line our products until every last piece of our previously crafted fabric finds purpose. This transition will pave the way for sustainable fabric lining, underlining our determination to evolve with an eye toward the future.

With every action, every innovation, and every choice, we stand firm in our mission to weave together a world where waste finds no place, and where our footprint paves a path to lasting beauty and responsibility.
Mark Giusti


Our belief rests in the longevity of our creations, advocating for investments in pieces designed to stand the test of time. We instill in our customers the belief in durability, as well as the power of responsible ownership – understanding that caring for their cherished MARK / GIUSTI bags and accessories can extend the lifespan of these items to a remarkable degree. By doing so, we collectively contribute to the reduction of environmental footprint by as much as half, and ultimately, steer clear of adding to landfills.

Every piece we offer is a testament to the artistry of our skilled artisans and the rigorous testing they undergo. Crafted by hand, they are built to endure, embodying the essence of our commitment to sustainability.

In the unlikely event of an item that needs repair, MARK / GIUSTI extends an invitation to utilize our comprehensive repair, reuse, and recycle service. For further insights, we invite you to explore the dedicated repairs section on our homepage.

In fostering this culture of mindful maintenance, we not only empower the preservation of your prized possessions but also contribute to the profound endeavour of reducing our ecological impact, one thoughtful step at a time.
Mark Giusti


Our journey toward sustainable practices began long before it garnered widespread attention. In 2012, we proudly pioneered recycled packaging, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability. This dedication has been woven into our strategy since its inception, preceding the acknowledgment of its importance by larger brands.

Our ethos echoes through every facet of our packaging. Our paper bags and boxes, meticulously crafted, are borne from partially recycled paper, endorsed by FSC certification, and hold the distinction of being fully recyclable.

As we march forward, our promise evolves. By 2024, we pledge to transcend conventional boundaries. Our commitment extends to ushering in plastic-free packaging, while embracing the realm of 100% recycled materials. This comprehensive shift encompasses not only the packaging itself but ripples across every facet of our operation, from the office paper supplies to the ribbons and tape that secure our creations on their journey. Through these transformative steps, we forge ahead with a clear vision of a greener, more sustainable future.
Mark Giusti



Our factory undergoes an annual audit conducted by Italian authorities, ensuring our unwavering alignment with EU labor regulations. This stringent dedication culminates in an esteemed "A" rating in Social Accountability by the globally recognized certification agency, SGS. Our commitment extends beyond compliance, with continuous vigilance over our energy and water consumption within both production and office spaces. As we journey toward the horizon of 2024, our aspirations are set on integrating solar power to partially fuel our operations, marking a significant stride toward a more sustainable energy future.


The foundation of our raw material sourcing is rooted in Italy, firmly guided by stringent EU labor and environmental regulations. Our engagement transcends transactional relationships; we frequently embark on visits to tanneries and suppliers to ensure the sanctity of worker rights and the diligent management of environmental impact. We hold in high esteem the shared responsibility to preserve our world. In our pursuit of uncompromised sustainability, we exclusively collaborate with silver and gold rated suppliers. These esteemed partners adhere rigorously to sustainability laws, consistently undergoing audits to validate their commitment. Through these partnerships, we ensure that the essence of sustainability is woven into every fiber of our creations.