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Mark Giusti
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BANK / GBS-002

Great British Seaside

Elevate your daily essentials with the Great British Seaside "Bank" Slim Credit Card Wallet – a stylish and slim card holder designed to cater to your everyday needs. This wallet boasts four compartments for all your essential cards, with two on each side. The middle compartment securely holds your banknotes. It blends modern and classic styles into a single, practical piece.

Featuring our signature embossed London Grey color on one side and a smooth finish of London Grey on the other, this wallet offers versatility. Flip it over as you please to match your personal style.

Signature embossed leather, a mosaic lining, and discreetly heat-embossed MARK/GIUSTI logo on the back are iconic details that exemplify the wallet's exquisite craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Elevate your everyday carry with the GBS Bank Slim Credit Card Wallet – Where Style Meets Functionality, Exclusively by MARK/GIUSTI.

Our signature Cosmati Mosaic embossed leather has been inspired by the geometric mosaics particularly found in the High altar of London's Westminster Abbey, built in the 13th century AD and on which no less than 38 kings and queens have been crowned.

The interior lining has been inspired by inspired from the original mosaic decorations that was found in Roman Villa in Pitney, Somerset (United Kingdom) explored in (1861).

100% Genuine bovine leather body and Trims.
100% Cotton sateen lining.

100% Handcrafted in Italy.
International delivery is available.
Colour : London Grey
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Mosaic Pattern Story

Great British Seaside Mosaic

The inspiration for the GBS mosaic pattern was taken from the original mosaic decorations that was found in Roman Villa in Pitney, Somerset (United Kingdom) explored in (1861).
Mark Giusti


MARK / GIUSTI have collaborated with Mosaicist Francesco Parutto to recreate the original mosaic marble floors found in Pitney Somerset.
Mark Giusti