Mark Giusti

Mark Farhat Giusti - Creative Director & Founder

Mark Farhat Giusti is the Creative Director & Founder behind the international British brand MARK / GIUSTI that is devoted to producing handcrafted mosaic inspired leather bags and accessories. He was born in Lebanon yet, spent much of his childhood growing up in Africa. “As the son of a diplomat I was exposed to different cultures and found appreciation for history and art and this remarkable experience informs my vision”.

Mark studied at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, graduating with a BA in business administration. His passion for fashion led him to London where he acquired an MA in Marketing Management with a focus on the consumer behavior of luxury brands from the University of Westminster. After graduation, Mark was employed by Capelli NY, based in New York, where he became responsible for designing and developing the men’s accessories in the UK.

He further pursued his enthusiasm for fashion accessories in Milan, where he attended Instituto di Moda, Burgo and then trained at top brands the likes Costume National and Armani before launching his own line of luxury accessories.